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April 26, 2008 | Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Warung TengilToday we tried this new restaurant called Warung Tengil at Kelapa Gading that serves Balinese suckling pig. I was so excited the first time I heard about this place because Balinese suckling pig is hard to find in Jakarta. the place was quite easy to find, not far from the big roundabout, and they put up a big smiling pink pig sign that is hard to miss. The interior makes us forgot that we’re actually sitting in a shophouse. Decorated in warong style, with bamboo structures, exposed bricks wall, eccentric chandeliers, lots of paintings & brick flooring. I kind of like this place. 🙂

warung tengil

From the menu, they are offering nasi babi guling, nasi babi bambu bakar, nasi ayam tengil, sate babi & coto babi. So we ordered nasi babi guling (+soup) 20K, coto babi 15K, and sate babi 3K/pcs. The meal came in a rattan basket covered with brown paper. My nasi babi guling consists of slices of suckling pig with its spice, pork meat, pork lung, keropok rambak, string beans & sambal matah. To be honest, it was nothing like Babi Guling Bu Oka – Ubud. Everything is a lesser version of the real thing. The soup, the meat, the sambal matah, and the string bean lawar tasted like the cook has underdosed on the necessary spices. Still, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds since the overall taste is still okay and the place was jam packed… at 3 PM! SC’s coto babi is simply weird. It felt like diced pork meat served in ground nut paste soup. Their best offer is the sate babi, served with a delicious chilly paste although it was not very spicy. I think I’ll be back only for their sate babi. 🙂

warung tengil

Warung Tengil
Babi Guling Bali

Jl. Boulevard Raya FW No. 28
Kelapa Gading – North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 453 2239

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  • Tephy

    Hi Jenz,
    I was super excited when I passed this place when it was first established. Finally got the chance to try it a few weeks a go, and BIG DISAPPOINTMENT is just an understatement. I initially pre-ordered their nasi babi guling and nasi babi bambu to go, because I got there 15 minutes early (before the place wasn’t open yet), and I promised to pick it up at 2 PM.
    At 2 PM, I took along my mum and dad there for lunch, and when I got there I told the staff to serve my dishes instead of taking them to-go.
    And guess what I found? The babi guling was 90% LARD! I found little, barely any meat in my suckling pig, all there were LARD, LARD, LARD. I was pissed. The other side dishes were yuck except for the baso goreng babi. The babi bambu was just so-so, I prefer Manado-style pork dishes. The sate babi was dry and hard to chew.
    I pass this place everyday since it’s on my way home and back. Everyday the place was full, maybe because of the curious nature of Kel Gading residents. I am sure that first visit is enough to decide that this place is inferior compared to the other food establishment in this foodie heaven. If they don’t improve the food (sevice was great though, the staff was friendly and helpful), they will close down in a year, maybe less.

  • SeorangPrempuan

    alo jen 🙂 gue sempet nyobain sih ini resto kemaren2, soal rasa sih biasa2 aja, tp yang bikin tenang mungkin pengamen di depan restonya kali ya? suaranya bagus. gue kurang tau sih pengamen apa bukan, dia kaya pake seragam gituh. sempet denger suaranya?
    oh ya 1 lagi yang gue suka, artwork2 di dindingnya lucu2. although ada 1 foto babi yang lagi d bakar, agak merusak selera bukannya membangkitkan selera makan gue hehehe…
    PS.kalok lagi jam makan, mending jangan ke sini deh, rame gila2an..

  • edamame

    All dishes look very delicious! I am interested in the food culture of your country. And I support your site. If there is time, please come in my site. From Japan

  • lotta

    pertama kali nyobain warung tengil, lumayan demen ma babi bakar bambunya…ga tralu eneg..emang sih..keras2 gitu… you said, sudah nyari bigul di jakarta..
    well..blom lama ada resto bigul yg buka di sunter..klo ga salah namanya Damaya..musti coba tuh! menurut gue lebih enak dari warung tengil..lebih tasty…cuma variasinya ga sebanyak warung tengil….dan elu musti coba sate samcan nya hhehehe..yummy!

  • gigi

    emang susah nyari resto bigul di jakarta soalnya babi babi jakarta bau…di surabaya lebih berkembang soalnya lebih deket ke bali…ada jenis tertentu keliatannya…lagipula sereh dan cabe2nya di surabaya bali lebih wangi dibandingin jakarta. sereh sono kurus wangi, sereh jakarta gemuk2 tapi ga wangi.
    bakarnya juga pake kayu tertentu, ga bisa sembarang kayu ato arang.
    makanya lebih gampeng bikin babi chinese sama sangsang daripada babi guling bali…

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