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March 27, 2015 | Chinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Malaysia Singapore, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine, Peranakan cuisine, With Pork

Last month, SC & I took a trip to North Sumatra to celebrate cap go meh with my family in Kisaran. We mostly ate at home while in my hometown, but we do make the most of our short stay in Medan. As you may already know, Medan’s culinary scene is very vast, so there are always new things to try. We got help from our friend Leo who blogs at So below is the summary of what we ate. Enjoy!


Gu Bak Wan
A delicious beef noodle soup (read the review HERE) sold at an eatery on Jalan Surabaya, Medan, consisting of beef meatball (bakso), tripes, etc. In Jakarta, this kind of food can be found at the popular Bakso Akiaw (a branch from Jl. Lebong, Medan) and Bakso Aan, also a branch from Jl. Singa, Medan.


Bakmi Tiong Sim
A popular and legendary noodle on Jl. Bogor, Medan. Tried this a few years ago, but the taste this time was far from what I expected or remembered.


Babi Goreng Asan
One of the numerous street food vendors on Jl. Semarang, Medan. This is a Chinese take on Bataknese famous grilled pork. The pork was delicious, with crispy skin and juicy meat, but their sambal andaliman is a bit on the sweet side.

Bakpao Hopeng & Bakpao Kacamata
We tried pork bakpao (steamed bun) from two sellers around Jl. Selat Panjang, Medan. Both are delicious, but I prefer the one from Hopeng as the meat tasted like the pork bakpao I ate in my childhood.


Martabak Piring Murni
There are several martabak piring sellers on Jl. Selat Panjang, but I think this is the more popular one. It’s called martabak piring because the batter is cooked in makeshift pans made from aluminium plates, instead of the usual martabak pan. So naturally, the size and filling is smaller than Martabak Bangka we usually find in Jakarta. Taste wise, not really impressive.


Kedai Kopi Kumango
Found this from, located right next to the famous Bihun Bebek (read the review HERE) seller at Jl. Kumango, Medan. Apparently their version of bihun ikan is very good. The soup is milky, not from the use of coconut milk, but from simmering fish bones for hours. This results in a very tasty, but still light, broth. The fish fillet is fried and it tasted delicious too, sweet and not fishy at all.


Tip Top

Lapo Ingan Man Karo
This is my favorite BPK that stands for Babi Panggang Karo(read the review HERE), usually they have kidu-kidu (Bataknese sausage), but that day they were already sold out. Still, I enjoyed their smoked pork along with the very delicious vegetable-mix made from banana stems.


RM. Hasan
We went to Tanjung Balai for the city’s famous seafood. This time, my brother recommended RM. Hasan, whose cook used to work for Cap Lak Can (read the review HERE) before opening his own place, serving good but cheaper dishes. We tried grilled ikan senangin, ikan pari with a little this and that, and it cost us only 156K


Soto & Sop Daging Faisal
A very popular breakfast joint in Kisaran, usually sold out at 9AM. Their soto and sop daging are tasty and generously portioned.


Dontei Resto
Found this quiet donburi place in Cambridge Mall. The ordering system is with a self-service touchscreen machine (not really effective in my opinion). We tried their ebi curry rice 60K and gyudon 38K. Not bad, but not memorable as well.


Cahaya Baru Resto
This is our all-time favorite Indian restaurant in Medan (read the review HERE), located on jl. Cik Ditiro, Medan. This time we tried their mutton biryani 40K, mushroom dry masala 22K and papadam 15K. Quite spicy but still as good as I remembered.


Mie Pangsit Ayu
An affordable breakfast joint on Jl. Teuku Umar (near Sun Plaza) Medan. Tried their wonton noodle, puding telor (soft boiled egg), curry puff pastry and kopi susu.


Uncle K
Tried this kopitiam (means coffee shop in Hokkian dialect) at Centre Point Mall Medan, ordered their roti prata with chicken curry 19,8K with hot nam yam kopi tarik 16,8K. Their roti prata was not bad, but their kopi tarik was much too sweet for my taste.


Little Melaka
A nice restaurant at Centre Point Mall that serves Peranakan / Nonya cuisine. We tried their roast duck curry laksa and it was delicious.


Sam’s Patisserie
A hip bakery in the vein of Tous les Jours or Bread Talk, also located at Centre Point Mall. Tried their version of hazelnut Qronut (croissant donut) 25, but I found it too dry.


Ationg Penang Horfun
A stand-out among (probably) hundreds of eateries competing for customers at Asia Mega Mas Complex. Ationg serves an incredibly good char hor fun (stir-fried flat shaped rice noodle).


Liang Teh Ayong
I was surprised that I’ve never heard about this place before. Leo from took us there to enjoy a glass of bitter but delicious herbal tea.


Ai Moka
A nice and vintage looking bakery and eatery located on Jl. S. Parman, Medan. We had breakfast here. Their nasi zaitun is quite good. It is some kind of fried rice with the addition of mustard leaves preserved in Chinese olive oil.


Datin Ong Hotpot
I went here because I heard that they serve Bak Kut Teh with nasi talas (yam rice), which I’ve never seen sold anywhere in Jakarta. Turned out their Bak Kut Teh was also delicious and very affordable too. I’ll write more about this place later.


Paris Patisserie
Also from my visit to Centre Point Mall. Bought some macarons from this place. Quite good as they were not too sweet.


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