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October 24, 2014 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Semarang

Last week, SC and I with several foodie friends went on a three-day trip to Semarang, Solo and Jogjakarta. We took a plane to Semarang and then drove to Solo and Jogjakarta. As we only spent a night on each city, we only managed to try several food places and eateries. However, I’ll try to write the summary about what we ate on three separate posts. So this is the first part: Semarang.


Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province. The weather is quite hot and humid, not unlike Jakarta, but the city offers an interesting choice of food, especially the street food. And since there are quite a lot of ethnic Chinese here, the influence on some of the food is pretty obvious. I would say that the food tend to be a tad on the sweet side compared to other regions in Indonesia. So without further ado, these are what I ate in Semarang.

Toko Oen
Considered the oldest restaurant in Semarang, it has been open since 1936 serving Dutch, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. Toko Oen is a must visit place when in Semarang. Their cookies and ice cream are quite good.


Toko Oen
Jl. Pemuda 52
Semarang, 50138

ph +62(24) 354 1683

Lumpia Gang Lombok
Lumpia is one of the more popular snacks in Semarang. Inspired by the Chinese spring roll, but adjusted to local palate. The most popular lumpia seller is still Lumpia Gang Lombok. Located at a narrow alley near Tay Kak Sie temple, the place is always crowded by both locals and tourists.


Lumpia Gang Lombok
Gang Lombok (Jl. Pekojan)

Nasi Ayam Semarang
A Semarang rice dish consisting of savory rice served with opor ayam (chicken cooked with coconut milk), sayur labu siam (chayote squash stew) and drenched in broth. It is a simply dish that tasted so delicious. While in Semarang, I tried two Nasi Ayam sellers, one is sold by Bu Pini and the other is sold by Bu Nyoto. Both tasted so good and very affordable.


Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto
Jl. Mataram (Jl. MT Haryono)


Nasi Ayam Bu Pini
JL. Gang Pinggir, No. 75, Dekat Hotel Manion
Ph. +62(24) 7079 4743
Opening Hours: Mon- Sun, 6AM – 1PM, 5:30PM – 11PM

Tahu Pong & Gimbal
Another popular snack in Semarang, Tahu Pong is a fried tofu dish that is served with bumbu kecap petis (fermented shrimp paste with sweet soy sauce) and pickled radish. I’ve also tried the gimbal udang which is basically fried prawn in flour batter.


Tahu Pong Karang Saru
Jl. Karang Saru

Mie Titee Grajen
Another Semarang specialty with a strong Chinese influence. The noodle dish consists of noodle topped with prawn, pork meat, pork leg (titee), morning glory and pork broth. The one I tried is located at Jl. MT. Haryono, in front of the Tempat Ibadah Tri Dharma (TITD) Grajen.


Mie Titee Grajen
Jl. MT Haryono No. 311

Soto Ayam Selan
A small bowl of Semarang/Indonesian style clear chicken soup that is served with various types of steamed rice, vermicelli and bean sprout. There are also several types of satay/skewers available on the table. Usually eaten for breakfast/lunch.


Es Puter
Indonesian traditional ice cream dessert that used coconut milk instead of cow milk as its ingredient. Made with a traditional equipment that rolled the ingredients with ice and salt, hence the name es puter. The texture is a little bit coarse compared to modern ice cream/gelato. In Semarang, the famous one is Es Puter CongLik, but since we’re in Gang Pinggir area that night, we went to Es Puter Herry instead. This one also has a number of avid fans judging from the size of the crowd sitting/standing enjoying their fix of es puter.


Es Puter Herry
Gang Pinggir

Excellent Bakery and Ice Cream
An old school bakery in Semarang, that continues to serve excellent bread and pastries. I tried their pork bluder and ham bread, they were truly worthy of the bakery’s namesake.


Excellent Bakery
Jl. S. Parman No.53A
Ph. +62(24) 844 5645

There are still plenty of things I wanted to try in the city, like eating nasi pecel at Simpang Lima, enjoying street food at Semawis night food market in Chinatown, and many more. Well, hopefully I can visit Semarang again in the future.

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