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January 31, 2013 | Aceh Cuisine, Balinese Cuisine, Betawi Cuisine, Central Java Cuisine, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, International Cuisine, Kalimantan Cuisine, Makasar Cusine, Manado, No Pork, South Sumatra, Sundanese Cuisine, West Java Cuisine, West Sumatra Cuisine

Dapuraya Indonesia Kitchen at Pasaraya Blok M

There’s a newly opened food court called DapuRaya located at Pasaraya Blok M that offers various selections of Indonesian cuisines from Aceh to Papua. There are over 55 food stalls, including gerobak dorong perched in front of Dapuraya’s entrance. The place is spacious and nicely designed in “Tempo Doeloe” (oldies) ambiance. Plus, there’s a “Festival Makan Enak-Enak” starting from 23rd – 31st Jan that brings 10 popular dishes straight from Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya & Yogyakarta. There are also some international dish selections from Korea, The Philippines and Japan. I have spent some time there trying most of the dishes and here’s what I’ve tried and my favorites in Dapuraya so far.

Tempe Mendoan “Babeh
A bit different from the usual fried tempeh we had, this one is thinly sliced, dipped in flour and fried, and the texture is crispy from the outside but still moist from the inside.


Main Course
Ayam & Bebek Penyet Sambel Ndeso
This one is my favorite for lunch, since they serve the fried/grilled chicken or duck with a super hot spicy chili sambal. Yeah, I love the sambal more than the meat, but the chicken & duck were tender and delicious. Basically, I can eat the rice only with this heavenly sambal.


Tengkleng Solo
Brought directly from Pasar Klewer – Solo, Tengkleng is a kind of coconut milk spiced soup with goat meat and its jeroan/offal. Since I love offal, this spicy soup surely made it to my list of favorite dishes in DapuRaya.


Nasi Ayam Woku Kawanua
Another spicy chicken dish originating from Manado (North Sulawesi/Celebes), complete with sayur bunga pepaya (papaya flower) and dabu-dabu. A must try for lovers of spicy/hot dishes.


Nasi Bali Made by Devito Kitchen
Balinese mixed rice served with ayam betutu and spicy sambal matah.


Nasi Liwet Keprabon
Solo’s (Central Java) savory rice made from coconut milk and chicken broth served with shredded chicken, braised egg & tempeh and a dollop of “areh” (rich coconut milk)


Burung Dara Goreng SBTB Yogyakarta
Famous fried quail from Malioboro street food. I tried this once in Yogyakarta last year and can still remember the succulent braised & then fried quail and its heavenly sambal.


Nasi Krawu
Gresik (East Java) rice dishes served on top of banana leaf and usually accompanied by shredded beef and 3 colors of “serundeng” (sauteed grated coconut) which were red (chili), yellow (turmeric) and black (kluwak nuts)


Sate Padang Ajo Ramon
Sate Padang is probably one of my all time favorite dishes. I love the spicy & thick soup eaten with beef satay and ketupat (rice cakes).


Ketupat Sayur Padang
Padang’s (West Sumatra) rice cakes, usually served with “gulai cubadak” (green jackfruit curry), hard boiled egg, some rendang and red coloured keropok (crackers). I used to have this dish for breakfast nearly everyday without getting bored.


Bakso Kota Cak Man
Provides various types of beef meatballs served in a hot broth. my favorite is the one with rectangular shape that have some crushed chili in the meatball.


Kerak Telor
Kerak Telor (Egg Crust) is a Betawi traditional dishes made from rice and chicken/duck egg cooked in a small wok on charcoal fire. The rice & egg omelette is topped with serundeng (sauteed grated coconut), fried shallot and fried dried shrimps.


Rujak Aceh “Bang Jali”
Acehnese fruits salad, various fresh fruits served with spicy and sour peanut sauce.



Es Selendang Mayang
Betawi traditional dessert that has become a rarity in Jakarta. Selendang mayang is made from sago & rice flour, then cut into cubes, and served cold with ice cubes, coconut milk and palm sugar. Very refreshing for a hot day.


Kembang Tahu
Kembang Tahu/豆腐花 is a traditional Chinese dessert that is quite popular in Indonesia. A warm tofu pudding served in ginger and palm sugar soup. Perfect for a cold/rainy afternoon.


Kolak Durian
Although the look is not really appealing, this is a must try for those who called themselves durian lovers


Serabi Solo “Niki Mawon”
Indonesian style pancake, made with rice flour and coconut milk, cooked in a small terracotta pan. There are various toppings available from jackfruit to chocolate.


Teh Poci
In Java tea is usually served in terracotta teapot and cups, accompanied by rock sugar that can be added as per your preference.


Es Mangga & Pala Aming
Famous mango & nutmeg ice drink from Surya Kencana Bogor. Unfortunately only available during “Festival Makan Enak-Enak” at Dapuraya


This review doesn’t cover all of the delicious dishes served at Dapuraya, there are still a lot to choose from. From Pempek (South Sumatra’s fish cake), Tahu Gejrot & Empal Gentong from Cirebon, Soto Betawi, Kupat Tahu, Papeda from Papua (you need to have an acquired taste to like this one though), and many more. So if you’re an Indonesian food lover or just curious about Indonesian food, do give this place a visit and try it all. Finally, I just want to say “Aku cinta masakan Indonesia” (I love Indonesian food) and “Selamat Makan” (Bon Appetit) 🙂


Authentic Indonesian Kitchen

Pasaraya Blok M Level LG
Jl. Iskandarsyah II no. 2
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 7260170

Twitter: @dapuraya
Facebook: DapuRaya

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  • V

    This is an amazing idea: traditional food in one convenient location.

  • Rubs

    I hope Dapuraya opens somewhere North. X)

    Love the photo + description Jen. Lotsa easier to read a comprehensive post. Btw, itu mendoannya gak pake dipping sauce yang mirip” martabak telor? Curious, because I always have it like that.

  • admin

    @V: iya, enak2 pula. sebenarnya udah ada beberapa foodcourt sih yg pake konsep seperti ini: Eat & Eat, trus ada juga Kemiri rest di Pejaten Village.

  • admin

    @Ruby: thanks Rubs, blajar dari elo 🙂 Kayanya untuk tempe mendoan disedian sambel kecap utk cocolannya, cm gw lebih suka pake cabe rawit doang 🙂

  • anandito

    If i am not mistaken, there is a Sop Buntut stall in dapuraya. The owner is ex chef of Hotel Borobudur. Their menu is much likely as Hotel Borobudur but cheaper.

    You should try their Buntut Goreng Mentega.

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