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April 22, 2011 | Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Tangerang, With Pork

Several weeks ago, we’re meeting SC’s college friends for lunch at Benton Junction. This time, I picked a Korean restaurat that we noticed when we tried Taal Indian Restaurant. After we got our seats in the Tatami area, we started to order: sam gyeop sal 삼겹살 (Korean grilled pork belly) 65K, dolsot bibimbap 돌솥 비빔밥 (Korean mixed rice served in hot stone pot topped) 39K, bulgogi 불고기 (Marinated BBQ beef) 110K, kongguksu 콩국수 (Korean cold noodle served in a cold soy milk broth) 49K and haemul pajeon 해물파전 (Korean seafood pancake) 49K. They asked us whether we wanted them to do the grilling on the table or in the kitchen. Considering that the place is small and we’re not very keen on the grill smoke, we preferred them to do the grilling in the kitchen.

  • bulgogi-woori-korean-restaurant
  • dolsot-bibimbap-woori-korean-restaurant
  • haemul-pajeon-woori-korean-restaurant
  • sam-gyeop-sal-woori-korean-restaurant-2

As is customary for Korean restaurants, we were served several types of side dishes/banchan 반찬 that consisted of: kimchi 김치 (fermented cabbage), sigeumchi namul시금치나물 (boiled/stir fried spinach seasoned with sesame oil), kongnamul 콩나물 (boiled bean sprouts in sesame oil), gamja jjorim 감자조림 (glazed potato), gamjajeon 감자전 (Korean style potato pancake), ol namul 오이나물 (cucumber salad) etc. They were all delicious, athough I had to remind myself not to eat too much before the main dishes were served. Not long after that, the dishes came, the sam gyeop sal and bulgogi were served with a basket of lettuce and perilla/shiso leaf 들깨, so we can wrap the meat and eat it with our hands. The sam gyeop sal was especially good. The cold noodle (kongguksu) is tasteless and I didn’t really like the broth, but it turned out that they provide a small plate of salt so we add to taste. So I guess with the addition of salt it’ll taste fine. The bibimbap and haemul pajeon were also delicious. Overall we’re very satisfied with this place, plus the price was also very reasonable. But I think next time, I’ll try another Korean restaurant in the Karawaci area. 🙂

Woori Korean Restaurant
Benton Junction
Lippo Karawaci

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