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August 31, 2012 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, Closed, JAKARTA, No Pork

There’s a place called Xi Men Ding (西門町) in Senayan City that is currently me & SC’s fav place to go whenever we’re in Senayan area. We’ve been there 3 times already. It is managed by the same people behind Pancious and we initially didn’t have much expectation about this place. The place is nicely decorated, with warm and cozy ambience. The no smoking policy is a huge plus point for us (Thank you, Xi Men Ding!). The name Xi Men Ding comes from a shopping district in Taipei, Taiwan. So naturally, they’re offering various Taiwanese dishes.


On our first visit, we just want to grab a quick lunch, so we ordered a portion of scallop fried rice for me and clear soup beef noodle for SC since he can’t eat spicy food. But if you love spicy dishes, I think you should try their signature Taiwanese spicy braised beef noodle soup. For the drink, I decided to try the peach green tea bubble drink, while SC opted for a pot of pu erh tea. The fried rice tasted good and the portion was quite generous. SC’s beef noodle was also good, with mild beef flavor broth and tender meat. I didn’t really like the peach green tea as it was a bit too sweet. I think next time I’ll stick to the good old pu erh tea. (just a question, If I prefer pu erh/classic Chinese tea rather than those bubble teas, do you think I’m old fashioned/ancient?)


On our second visit about a week later, we decided to try the dishes. So we ordered san bei chicken (三杯鸡) 48K, oyster omelet (fried oysters with egg and vegetable) 42K to go with steamed rice and Hainanese rice. I love the san bei chicken as it was well marinated. San bei means 3 cups, so they used 3 cups each of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame sauce. It creates a fragrant and delicious meal. The oyster omelet also tasted good as the oysters were fresh. SC then ordered egg pudding milk tea, I tasted it and quite like it as the egg pudding goes well with the milk tea.


The third time we came here, It was way pass lunch time and I was famished. Since SC already ate somewhere else, I only ordered their set menu package with salted egg prawn 48K (available on Mon-Thursday, 10AM-6PM). The set menu turned out to be a surprise as the portion was quite big I almost couldn’t finish it. I love the salted egg prawn with the addition of fried curry leaves. The stir fried green bean was also delectable, while the herbal chicken soup was warm and delicious.


Overall, we love the food and I think the price were quite reasonable. One thing I don’t like about this place though, is that one of their signature dish, Buddha jumps over the wall, is basically abalone and shark’s fin soup. Isn’t that an endangered species? I’m sure there are many delicacies that tasted better than shark’s fin. Hopefully no one will ever order that. 🙁

Xi Men Ding
Taiwan Cuisine
Senayan City Level 4 Unit 80

ph. +62 21 7278 1386
fx. +62 21 7278 1387

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  • Ivy

    Dari dulu ampe sekarang sll suka sama blog km. Foto2nya bgs bgtttt 🙂

  • Lenny

    wah, ada oyster omelette.. di jakarta baru pernah makan di glodok, han gang, sama bikinan nyokap haha.. di mana lg ya oyster omelette yg enak? doyan bgt tuh gw

  • don

    ada nyobain makan ximending maren ini.. very good food & reasonable price..

  • simon


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