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January 26, 2012 | Central jakarta, Closed, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Noodle, With Pork

Yamagoya Ramen

Restaurants specializing in ramen seem to be popping up around Jakarta lately. After Sanpachi, Marutama & Hakata, we now have Yamagoya Ramen, which is a chain ramen restaurant serving Kyushu-style ramen. Located at UOB Thamrin Nine building, we decided to visit it last weekend to avoid the lunch hour rush on weekdays. We arrived quite early for lunch, so many tables were still vacant. We noticed that the patrons were mostly Japanese expats with their families. So it looked promising 🙂

According to Wikipedia, Kyushu-style ramen is Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. Here in Indonesia, they serve two types of soup bases: chicken soup base and tonkotsu soup base. Since I’m a fan of tonkotsu ramen, I ordered the complete version, which is mukashi special ramen 53K which consisted of thin, straight noodle with tonkotsu soup base, topped with 2 slices of pork (cha su), ni tamago, a sheet of nori, wakame and green onions. Meanwhile my friend ordered spicy tobanjan ramen 50K, which more or less looked like tonkotsu ramen with an additional spicy bean paste served separately. We also ordered a portion of gyoza 30K (pork) to share.


As expected, the mukashi ramen was delicious. The milky pork bone broth tasted just right, savory, but not too salty or oily. The ni tamago was still runny in the middle. You can also add sesame seeds, charred crushed garlic or ma yu (sesame oil) to add more flavor. Although I would’ve preferred more sliced pork, overall, I’m really satisfied. I also tried my friend’s spicy bean paste and it was also good when added to the broth, spicy but not too strong. Just don’t put in too much that it overpowered the broth’s taste. The gyoza were also good although I think it was a bit on the salty side. We can’t stay long at this place as it soon became very crowded, but we hope to be back again and please, please, please….. keep the food quality top notch.

Yamagoya Ramen
UOB Thamrin Nine Basement 1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 10
Jakarta 10230
ph. +62 (21) 31908018

Operational Hours
Weekdays(Mon-Sat): 10am – 9pm
Weekend(Sun): 9am – 3pm

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  • MakanMasak

    looks so yummy, if i can taste it, i will, but i can`t, that contain a forbidden meat for me, omG, 😀

  • admin

    @makanmasak: ada kuah ayam kok & toppingnya kan bisa beda2 🙂

  • Mon mon

    I’m a huge fan of the Yamagoya Chicken Ramen!
    I think Tonkotsu, Mukashi, etc can be ordered as chicken (no pork). I saw many muslims eat there…
    It taste so good, even if I bring it home and reheat

  • Rubs

    Makin seru nih dunia ramen jakarta. Bisa bikin post all the ramen head to head. Hehehe.

  • paijo

    kurang enak, mungkin di ramennya kebanyakan toge, jd rasanya jadi kurang .

  • ian

    Udah cobain setelah baca di jenz.
    Rasanya kok biasa aja yah…

    Cobain sekali aja cukup deh, nothing special.

  • Allveen

    First impression was good.
    The second impression was bad.
    The taste and quality of the broth and chasiu were decreased compared to my original visit.
    Sadly, I won’t come back again.

  • Siska

    I went there on December 2012 and the place was under renovation. Does anyone know where it is now?

  • Mercy

    It is closed, I don’t think they have other store in Jakarta.

  • Triyanto

    Yamagoya reopened at Mall of Indonesia (MOI) 2nd floor. I think it’s been a year here.

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