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June 3, 2008 | Central jakarta, CUISINE, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Western Cuisine

We’ve visited this place several time in the last 3 months whenever we went to Pacific Place. This place is quite interesting. They served several kind of dishes, from bread, pasta, pizza and even sushi. There are several dining area: inside the cafe, outside in the “yatch”, or even at the light house. So far we’ve tried 2 types of pasta from their menu: squid ink linguini pasta 30K & minced wagyu (if i’m not mistaken), served in a hot stone bowl, potato & leek soup 25K, & warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 23K. Overall the dishes tasted great. The presentation is nice, although that should be a given since Y&Y is managed by the people behind Y! Grill, a fine dining restaurant on Wisma Nusantara. Its friendly service and affordable price ensures that we’ll be back for more 🙂


Y & Y
Pacific Place Mall 4-65 & 4-72
Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 52-53
Jakarta 12190
ph. +62(21) 57973137 / 3127
fx. +62(21) 57973138

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  • Venny

    Minced wagyu? Isn’t that a sin? :p

  • sopjagung

    A sin is only a sin in the minds of those who view an action as sinful 😀
    Lagian wagyu bukannya ada banyak grade? Siapa tahu dia pake grade paling rendah buat daging cincangnya…

  • Daniel Prawira

    Iya, wagyunya seh grade yg rendah… apalagi burger steak wagyunya…tastes weird like ur housemaid failed cooking…tapi beef wagyu in blackpepper sauce with rice in hot stone bowlnya enak loh. Cupcakenya jg ok walau g lbh sk yg di choc a lot.

  • jenz

    hehehe.. gw ngga pesen steak/sashimi, cuman nyobain pasta, soup & dessert aja.
    jadi mungkin kalo sekedar buat light dinner/lunch sih menurut gw masih wajarlah harganya, sebanding ama makanannya :))

  • notworthit

    i finds the food served here isn’t delicious. most of them are tasteless for my joint trying to act “atas”. will not be visiting them anymore

  • Steve

    Gue sih jujur aja kurang suka ya. Yg pertama gue pesen pizza-nya ok2x ajalah. Yg kedua kali gue pesen burger steak wagyu… ampun2x deh. Udah mahal gak enak pula. Kalo’ pengen wagyu burger mendingan gue ke gourmet garage ajalah.

  • mery

    hm…jangan beli steaknya..
    ga penting.. gw kira dengan harganya yang begitu mahal , sebanding dengan rasanya. ternyata,,hanya seonggok daging ada di piring gw,tanpa tambahan apapun..huhuhuhu

  • nadia

    the service was very bad 😐 kaya butuh satu jam gitu buat makanannya keluar apalagi klo rame

  • posh

    ga tralu enak yny malahan.. mahalnya doang. enakan angus house

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